InfusionTech are experts in post processing technologies.  Through the combination of instrument, chemistry and process we provide automation alongside enhanced material properties in the finished part.

InfusionTech instruments are designed and manufactured by ourselves to meet the demanding requirements of additive manufacturing.   All our systems incorporate the requirements for safety, materials management, automation and control.  As the manufacture of the system we can easily design bespoke solutions to suit your particular production requirements.

InfusionTech chemistry has been formulated and manufactured entirely to work with rapid prototype materials whilst also providing a wide range of enhanced material properties in the infused part.   We offer a comprehensive range of materials, and can also provide more tailored specialist solutions on demand. 

InfusionTech process development experience is based on solving many different post processing challenges that include often include complex geometries high volumes and demanding quality output.
Having control of the instrument design and appropriate chemistry means InfusionTech has the tool and skills necessary to deliver complete solution to meet a wide range of processing requirement.

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